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Porcelain Magnet - Oneness

Porcelain Magnet - Oneness

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“Shivisi Hashem L’negdi Samid” - “I place Hashem before me always” Tehillim 16:8

Growing up, I was taught this pasuk as living in the space of knowing that I am never alone, that Hashem is always with me, and that there is no place void of Him. Moshe Gersht, in his book, It’s All The Same To Me, offers added insight into this pasuk. He expounds upon what it means to live a life of Hishtavus, a transformational way of accepting reality. The word Shivisi, I place shares the same root as Shaveh which means equal or the same. All that transpires in our lives, both big and small, is the Oneness of Hashem before us.


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