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Digital Download - Yearn

Digital Download - Yearn

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“Achas Sha’alti Me’es Hashem Osah Avakesh…” - “I have asked Hashem for only one thing, it alone is what I seek…” Tehillim 27:4

The Kedushas Levi says that this can be translated to mean: ”I have but one request- that I shall always seek You”. Dovid Hamelech davened that he always remain focused on his connection with Hashem. May we constantly be yearning for that closeness.


You'll receive this Digital Download immediately after your order is complete. The image comes in a JPG, and is ideal for printing in sizes 8.5 x 11 inches or smaller. This digital download comes with 1 license for Personal Use only. Please do not share or distribute the image. You can contact us for commercial licensing.
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