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Digital Download - Reality

Digital Download - Reality

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“Ta’amu Ure’uh Ki Tov Hashem, Ashrei Hagever Yecheseh Bo”  - “Taste and you will see that Hashem is good, Fortunate is the person who trusts in Him” Tehillim 34:9

The Meor Einayim says first “taste” and then “you will see that Hashem is good”. We can only enjoy food after we’ve tasted it- so too, we can’t wait to fulfill the mitzvos until we appreciate them. We need to first begin fulfilling them and then the enjoyment will follow. V'haarev Na! May we all taste the sweetness of a Torah life and see the goodness in Hashem's ways. 


You'll receive this Digital Download immediately after your order is complete. The image comes in a JPG, and is ideal for printing in sizes 8.5 x 11 inches or smaller. This digital download comes with 1 license for Personal Use only. Please do not share or distribute the image. You can contact us for commercial licensing.
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