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Digital Download - Gratitude

Digital Download - Gratitude

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“Hodu LaShem Ki Tov, Ki L’olam Chasdo” - “Give thanks to Hashem because He is good because His kindness lasts forever” Tehillim 136:1

I was a young girl the first time I remember hearing these words. I was riding in the car with my father who, after being stuck in traffic for a long time, expressed his gratitude when it began to flow again. I remember that he said it with such passion and excitement that it filled me with joy. Rabbi Gamliel HaCohen Rabinowitz in his sefer, Tiv HaTehillos on Sefer Tehilllim, writes that the implication of this verse is to say that by giving thanks to Hashem, one causes the being of “His kindness endures forever.” By living in gratitude, by noticing and appreciating all that He does for us on a moment-to-moment basis, one can cause His kindness to endure forever. 


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