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Hi, my name is Rivky Greenberger and I live in Chicago with my family. The story of the pesukim I paint really begins in the fourth grade. I had a special morah that year and although it's been decades since I sat in her classroom, I can still feel the warmth of the environment she created for me, today.

How It Began

One day, she handed out a packet of papers stapled together. I remember looking at it curiously and the excitement that followed when I realized that it was a step by step guide on how to form beautiful Hebrew letters. I began the packet with intrigue and soon fell in love with each and every letter. From that day on, I would practice drawing these holy letters. Today, I am a teacher as well! I teach Emuna and Bitachon concepts in an elementry school art class. I call my class "Emuna Through Art" and I use Sefer Tehillim as my guide.

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from many places in Tanach, but my heart and soul are in Sefer Tehillim. Dovid Hamelech's response to everything he experienced in life was song. This alone has been my greatest inspiration. Even through life's challenges, or rather, because of life's challenges, we can find our song. May the pesukim you see bring you chizuk, connection, comfort, and joy. Thank you so much for visiting- I hope you find the words that speak to you today!

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